We Are Back With Our Families

My dear friends, It has been a while since my last mail to you. While a busy scheduleis no excuse for not updating you about BRIDGE’s activities, I mustsay that visiting our beneficiaries, managing my professional job andkeeping up with my other responsibilities forced me to delay writingthis mail. I hope you will understand. Yet […]

Goodness at Work, and How!

My dear friends, Let me first thank you all for the overwhelming support and your kind words after my mail last week about the way BRIDGE has been intervening in the lives of people, especially during this pandemic season, and your continued financial support. As many of you pointed out, BRIDGE has become an ideal […]

I Wish All Doctors were Like Him:
A Tribute to Doctors

Let me ask you a question: “What treatment in an emergency is administered by ear?”  Does this question baffle you? Well, before I answer that question, let me tell you where I found this question and its amazing answer.  This is from a wonderful book called ‘Cutting for Stone’ that I read a few months ago. It’s a […]

How I found a treasure in a Mumbai local train

How I found a treasure

At some point or other in our lives, we all discover something that changes our life completely. I  discovered mine some 10 years ago on a Mumbai local train. Late one night in Mumbai, I was returning home from work. I was rushing to board the last train that was due in about 3 minutes […]

Are They any Lesser Indians?

Are they any Lesser Indians

Hi guys, I had to write this disturbed as I was by the horrible plight of our migrant brothers and sisters. I have no politics, no agenda. So don’t divert from what I am focusing on. I thought I must put down my pain and maybe create an awareness so that they can be helped. […]

Why Choose the Social Sector

Why choose the social sector

Today I wish to share a few learnings I picked up since I started a new journey in the social sector some five years ago. For those of you who are planning a career in social service or even those not into professional social service but have a soft heart for the less fortunate, I […]

Why Being Different Matters

Why being different matters

“If human life is just a transition of a baby born brave, free and creative into a coward and captive in a span of 60-70 years and who spends his creativity only to procreate for the sake of continuation of the lineage and finally dies as a big boy in the garb of an old […]

Give Positive Psychology A Chance

Give positive psychology a chance

A year ago, after this writer had conducted a half-day seminar for a group of over 130 teachers on my favourite topic ‘The Power ofPositive Psychology’, in one of the prominent schools in Bengaluru, one of the participating teachers came up to me and said, “Sir, your topic was really good, but there’s one problem, […]

Strength to Love

Strength to love

This month marks the 50th death anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr, the charismatic leader of so-called coloured Americans who fought for their rights through a method alien to most. King’s method seemed cowardly for a world that believed in the philosophy of eye for an eye. He penned his thoughts in a best-seller book […]

Courage Under Fire

courage under fire

“Try your best to keep the kids alive. If it becomes very difficult or if you are pressurised into giving in to the nasty demands of men, mix poison in some tasty food and feed the kids. Make sure they are dead before you also consume it.” These were the final words of a dying […]