What We Do

BRIDGE is an acronym that, when expanded, explains the mission and activities that the organisation is involved in.

Bonding with Survivors

Losing a breadwinner can be devastating for any family. The emotional loss coupled with the fear of funds crunch can be traumatic. Our volunteers reach out to such families and try to build a bond with them through counselling, regular visits, and phone calls and assure them financial and emotional support. We build an emotional connect with families by meeting them on special occasions, taking them out occasionally, and linking them with similarly-affected families.

Restoring Confidence

Through regular interactions with surviving family members, BRIDGE volunteers hope to restore their confidence in life and help them realise that not everything is lost. Even though we cannot replace their lost one, we assure them that we are with them and ready to fill the vacuum.

Inspiring to Act

Families that have lost their breadwinners tend to capitulate and give up on life easily. This is where BRIDGE wants to play the role of a motivator. Our volunteers motivate survivors to get back on their feet and begin life anew. We assist qualified persons in the family in securing a job.

Drawing a Roadmap

BRIDGE volunteers sit with families and draw a roadmap for them to get on with life by setting financial and educational goals. Even as we explore income-generating ideas for the family, we are also aware that such families may also benefit from the goodwill of neighbours or social service/religious organisations in their area which could donate them funds. Our financial advisers help these families invest such funds wisely and in goal-based financial instruments.

Giving Financial Support

Funds is a major issue of families that lose breadwinners. BRIDGE plays a major role here. After identifying each family’s needs, BRIDGE offers them regular financial support. This can take the following forms depending on individual cases: Funding the long-term education of children, funding the vocational training of an adult, providing regular income for their sustenance, meeting medical expenses, buying medical insurance, etc.

Empowering Families

This is the ultimate goal of BRIDGE. The organisation aims to empower families and help them stand on their own feet. This is done by finding jobs for qualified members of the family either immediately or after a vocational training or after the education of children which will be funded by BRIDGE.