The BRIDGE Builders

Board of Trustees

Shibu Joseph Founder & Managing Trustee​

Shibu is a Senior Editor with The Economic Times, India's top business daily. Born in Kerala, Shibu completed his schooling in his home state before heading to Allahabad, UP, where he completed his intermediate and graduation. Later, he moved to Mumbai to do his post-graduate studies in journalism. After a two-year magazine stint, he joined The Economic Times in 1995 and moved to its Bengaluru office in 2013. A very socially-conscious person and an activist from his early days, Shibu has been involved in various charitable initiatives right from his college days. But those activities, in his own admission, were limited by his resources and time. His near-fatal road accident in 2015 prompted him to review his life and focus on families whose breadwinners were lost or incapacitated following accident/illness. Thus was born A BRIDGE Over Troubled Waters.

KR Balasubramanyam Chief Resource Officer

Baloo is a Bengaluru-based well-known journalist who has built a reputation with his incisive writing and relentless pursuit of breaking stories. An affable person who has a fan club that includes members from the upper echelons of civil society, politics and corporates as also those from the lower strata of society. An altruistic person, Baloo leads a spartan life sharing his earnings with the needy. His biggest investment, he says, is people.

Shaji Thomas

Shaji Thomas Chief Field Officer​

An architect by profession, Shaji runs a successful interior design business (S&S Associates) in Bengaluru and proves that one can make money the ethical way. Known for his philanthropic activities, Shaji identifies with BRIDGE’s cause and is its 'akshayapatra' so to say, replenishing its fund pool regularly.

Anice S Joseph

Anice S JosephChief Fund Manager

Annie is an altruist who has spent almost a decade with a Mumbai-based charitable trust as its financial controller. An ace when it comes to handling funds, her commitment to BRIDGE's cause is exemplary. While meticulously tracking every penny routed through BRIDGE, she also finds time to visit, counsel and encourage BRIDGE families.

Aji Manimala

Aji Manimala Counsellor

Aji has done his Masters in psychology and is a sought-after counsellor. A consultant for many organisations, he has successfully handled a number of psychological issues faced by families, students and employees. He assists BRIDGE and helps families and individuals faced with the loss of their loved ones.

Our Partners

Geetanjali Kapoor

Geetanjali Kapoor Partner, Livelihood

Geets is head of design at ET, Bengaluru. While that's her profession, she has a heart that beats for the less fortunate and is genuinely concerned about the welfare of people around her. She finds time to serve at the local Gurudwara and is involved in various social service activities in Bengaluru.

Suja S Thomas

Suja S Thomas Partner, Medicare​

Suja, a former senior nurse at Manipal Hospital, is the point of contact for BRIDGE for everything related to medical issues. A person with the never-say-die spirit, the lady with the lamp oozes energy and is the life of BRIDGE events. Along with her husband Shaji, she is a regular contributor to BRIDGE fund pool.

Akshita S Joseph

Akshita S JosephPartner, Education

Akshita holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. She has been associated with BRIDGE since its inception becoming its first donor. She presented to BRIDGE the entire Rs 18,000 she had received from her dad as her 18th birthday gift 2 years ago saying BRIDGE beneficiaries need it more than she. Besides, she lets BRIDGE use the entire sale proceeds of her maiden book on late APJ Abdul Kalam, "Dare to Dream".

Austin Scaria

Austin Scaria Partner, Social Media

Austin is an IT wizard who works in a senior role at Tata Consultancy Services and is on top of things on social media. While that's his day job, he finds time in mentoring youth taking and organising motivational classes for them and giving them career guidance. He has been associated with BRIDGE since its inception and is its flag bearer.

Sabarinath M

Sabarinath M Partner, Corporates

Sabari, a former Mumbai-based journalist and founder of p4c, a communications coach for a number of corporates across the country, is a philanthropist at heart. Even as his hands are full running a challenging startup, he identifies with social causes and finds time to guide them. A great admirer of BRIDGE, Sabari plays a key role in BRIDGE's corporate reach initiatives.

Suchitra Anish

Suchitra Anish Partner, Media Relations

Suchitra is a dynamic communications professional who has led corporate communications and digital marketing portfolios for MNCs and start-ups before establishing her marketing and communications consultancy - Oni360. She identifies with social causes which explains her missionary zeal in espousing the BRIDGE cause.

Our Associates

Rakesh Bedi

Rakesh Bedi Executive Editor, Network18, New Delhi

Rakesh is a reputed name in the world of journalism and a multi-faceted personality who was the brain behind some of the editorial and design initiatives at The Economic Times. He has since joined Network18 as its Executive Editor. Besides his professional acumen, Rakesh is known for his largeness of heart and his strong belief in an egalitarian society. He is one of the early drivers behind taking BRIDGE public.

Sukumar CR

Sukumar CR Senior Editor, ET, Hyderabad

You won't find many like him in journalism committed as he is to his profession even as he does his best to help make a difference in society. A veteran journalist and a long-time ET Senior Editor, Sukumar represents BRIDGE in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is one of our valuable fund-raisers from the region.

Karthik Subbaraman

Karthik Subbaraman Executive Editor, Network18, Bengaluru ​

Karthik is a Bengaluru-based senior journalist with over two decades of experience. A very socially conscious person, when BRIDGE was conceived, he immediately identified with it like a duck takes to water. He has played a key role in making BRIDGE a reality. Besides contributing to the BRIDGE pool, he is a major fund-raiser for the organisation.

James CC Retd Wing Commander, IAF, Bengaluru

'James uncle', as we fondly call him, is a retired Wing Commander of Indian Air Force, and continues to command respect among people who come in contact with him. A veteran of many Air Force operations, he identifies with social causes close to his heart. BRIDGE, he says, is closest to his heart and he is happy to share a portion of his monthly pension with BRIDGE beneficiaries.

KriShne Gowda NL

KriShne Gowda NL CEO, KriS School of Web, Mysuru

Kris is a man of many talents. An entrepreneur, passionate designer, hardcore developer, cook, runner, cyclist... all at the same time. A self-made man, he runs a successful Design School in Bengaluru but finds time to espouse causes he believes in. He has been building websites for nearly two decades and is the brain behind this BRIDGE website.

Feroz Jamal Senior Journalist, Bengaluru

Feroz is an embodiment of virtues. A soft-spoken person, he has been associated with several charitable initiatives by contributing financially and attending to the needs of the less fortunate. He commends BRIDGE as a trustworthy platform for those looking to contribute to genuine initiatives and has never missed a month in adding to the BRIDGE funds pool.

Prakash Pillai CEO, Divyadhan, Mumbai

Prakash is a Mumbai-based financial adviser known for his charitable activities for years. He was attracted by BRIDGE's unique stand of never utilising a single donor penny for its expenses and passing on the entire contributions to the needy. To quote him, "I have been sending money to NGOs for many years, but it's only after my association with BRIDGE that I have had the satisfaction that it's making a difference."

Raghavendra Padukone CEO, By2Coffee, Bengaluru

Raghu is an activist-turned businessman who owns Bengaluru's chain of restaurants 'By2Coffee'. His fight against unhealthy practices by restaurants took him to venture out on his own proving in the process you can offer healthy dish to your customers and still make a profit. A good portion of this profit he gives back to the society through BRIDGE.

Nadeem Alam Senior Designer, Network18, New Delhi

Nadeem is a New Delhi-based graphics designer who has spent nearly two decades with some of India's top newspapers and is currently with Network18. He goes beyond his professional duties and finds time to share his knowledge and time with the less fortunate. Nadeem has been associated with BRIDGE right from its early discussion stage and has designed the BRIDGE logo.

Animisha S Nagannur Artist and Painter, ET, Bengaluru

Anim is an artist with ET and is well-connected with the art circuit. He has successfully conducted several art shows in Bengaluru and has won many awards for his individual works. A self-made man, he has offered his time and energy for the BRIDGE's cause and plays a key role in its activities.

Our Patrons

Sudha Murty
Chairperson, Infosys Foundation

Bala Malladi

SV Rao
VP, Megha Engineering

Smt Rajashree Birla
Chairperson, Aditya Birla Centre for Excellence

Tushar Gandhi
Author, Great Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

Sethu Das
Founder, Friends of Tibet

Chetan Krishnaswamy
Country Head, Public Policy, Google India

CR Sukumar
Senior Journalist

Omprakash Jain
Chartered Accountant

Bharat Jain
Chartered Accountant

Founder’s Club

Aleykutty Joseph
Jainamma Thomas
Shajan Anithottam
Sunil Jose
Joshy Joseph