About us

Who We Are

A BRIDGE Over Troubled Waters aims to build a support system for families that have lost their breadwinners. Founded by Shibu Joseph, Senior Editor, The Economic Times, the inspiration for starting this project was a near-death experience following a serious car accident that he and his family were involved in. After they survived the trauma, he was inspired to reach out to families that were not so lucky to survive fatal mishaps and lost their breadwinners by being a friend, guide and benefactor to them. Thus was born ‘A BRIDGE Over Troubled Waters‘. Soon, inspired by the cause this venture stands for, many friends joined him and are today working as BRIDGE Partners and Associates

Our Vision

A world where families that have lost their breadwinners are able to get back on their feet with A BRIDGE Over Troubled Waters playing catalyst.

Our Mission

Build BRIDGEs for families that have lost breadwinners to cross over the troubled waters by helping them rebuild their lives and stand on their own feet.