From Darkness to Light

Sudha Murty, the chairperson of Infosys Foundation

For Lissy, life was a bed of roses that turned into a bed of thorns overnight.  The light of her life, her industrious husband who would wake up early in the morning and make the rounds to deliver newspapers before returning home at around 8 and then have his breakfast with their three children – […]

‘Don’ of a New Era

For an 18-year-old, or for that matter for anyone, surviving a sight like this and to remain sane is never easy. A row of seven coffins, with the bodies of his family members — his loving mother, grandmother, brother, his wife their two children and his younger brother — greeted him when he returned home […]

Never Say Die, And How

Sumathi is indeed a woman of mettle. A lady who has had to face a series of tragedies right from her young age, she is a lesson for those who crumble at the very sign of trouble. Married to a daily wager, Sumathi added to her husband’s meagre earnings by rearing a cow and attending […]

A Stitch in Time, Saves Ten

Winners of BRIDGE Resilience Awards

She is a woman of resilience and a mother of eight children, six of them girls. Her husband is blind and now bedridden. Not that he was of much help when he was healthy. Besides being subjected to his abuse after his bouts of drinks, she had to worry about the education of her children. […]

Crippled Yes, But Not Crushed

She survived a Mumbai suburban train accident, but lost a leg. But she had her loving husband as her and their two daughters’ anchor. He gave up his job and took up home tuition for a living so that he could be with his crippled wife. Even though it was tough managing household work and […]

There’s No Time to Cry…

Death appeared to be a permanent guest at her home. The 21-year-old Shalu lost her beloved mother to cancer when she was just 12. Her father and grandmother then were the only solace for her and her two young siblings. And in about 3 years, they lost their grandmother. This was followed by the death […]