BRIDGE Resilience Awards

Don receiving the ACT BRIDGE Resilience Award from Dr AH Rama Rao, President, National College, at a function in Bengaluru

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‘Don’ of a New Era

For an 18-year-old, or for that matter for anyone, surviving a sight like this and to remain sane is never easy. A row of seven coffins, with the bodies of his family members — his loving mother, grandmother, brother, his wife their two children and his younger brother — greeted him when he returned home after an overnight visit to his friend. Almost an entire family had been wiped out in an accident when the bus they were returning from a pilgrimage rammed into a tree in the wee hours of that unfortunate night. It was too much to bear.

He had almost become insane, tried to commit suicide thrice. Timely intervention by Aswas, an organisation that works with bereaved families, helped him walk back to life.

Today, his life story offers solace to many as he counsels persons who are unable to reconcile with the loss of their dear ones whenever he has spare time after his carpentry job.

After years of struggle, Don is a happy man with his wife and two children. BRIDGE is proud of this brave young man Doney who has been to hell and back, and happy to present him the ACT Fibernet BRIDGE Resilience Awards.

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