The Journey is the Reward

My dear friends, In my mail earlier this month, I had referred to our funds challenge and said that I was not overly concerned about it going by my past experience of God’s interventions at the right moments. And guess what, the very next day our long-time benefactor and co-traveller of BRIDGE right from its […]

Our Children Shine, So Does BRIDGE

My dear friends, The emotion that I experience as I write this mail is that of a proudparent whose eyes well up with happy tears when he sees his childrenexcelling in academics. I am happy and proud to share the news that 12of our students, across different states in India, who had appearedfor their Class […]

Building a Culture of Benevolence

My dear friends, It is with much happiness and satisfaction that I write this. Theprimary reason is the happy conclusion to a two-year ordeal we havebeen facing along with a BRIDGE beneficiary, a widow from Kerala andher little daughter. I had mentioned their case in my mails earlier,about our struggle to get a death certificate […]

Thank You Everyone, We have Turned Six

My dear friends, I am so happy to inform you that our BRIDGE has just completed six years of a beautiful journey. When I look back to the past six years and the positive difference we have made not only in the lives of more than 170 families, but also in the lives of our […]

A Reason to Worry… But Many Reasons to be Happy

My dear friends, It is with a heavy heart that I write this. The reason is a serious tragedy that one of the BRIDGE families faced a little over a month ago. Those who have been with BRIDGE since its inception would know about the family of Hridin who was one of our first beneficiaries. His mother had qualified […]

When Lightning Strikes Twice…

My dear friends, The myth that says that lightning never strikes in one place twice is just that: a myth. The fact is, lightning can, and often does, strike the same place repeatedly. At least that has been my experience having listened to the stories of many of our BRIDGE beneficiaries who have faced a […]

A Big Leap on Our Happiness Index

My dear friends,We are in the midst of the much-feared third wave of Covid-19 sweeping across the nation. While the severity of the attack may not appear to be as strong as it was in the past two waves, the ground report that BRIDGE gets is not a happy one. There are instances of loss of livelihood […]

Happy Moments, Some Sad too

My dear friends, It is with much happiness that I write this. The primary reason is the total dedication that I see in some of our BRIDGE supporters. Since we started this journey together, I have shared with you several stories of God’s intervention at many critical periods of our journey. While it’s tempting to […]

SAMARPAN 2021: Thank You for the Five Fruitful Years

My dear friends, Five years is a major milestone in the progress of any initiative. And for BRIDGE it is a time to look back and look up in gratitude for the positive difference we have been able to make and thank God for the grace to stay the course. To tell you honestly, I […]

Some Beautiful Moments during the BRIDGE Journey

My dear friends, Hope all of you are doing well. Let me start with some happy news. Those of you who are in Mumbai or have read about it in newspapers/social media already know this. Three widows of manual scavengers who died in December 2019 while cleaning the septic tank of a housing society in a […]